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Scouts visit Switzerland

Posted on August 26th, 2018 by 1st4thscouts

Our group of 5 scouts and 2 leaders joined 500 other scouts in 9 coaches for the  journey from the University of Surrey to Kandersteg on 17th Aug.  We went on a ferry and travelled through France before arriving the following day. There was lots of sunshine and we were shown where to pitch our tents. The views were amazing!

On our first day, we stayed on site and completed  a ‘work day’. We had to butter bread for everyone and it was good to get our jobs done so that our remaining time was for activities. We also spent some time trading badges with scouts and managed I even managed to get a leather toggle!

On our second day we went in a cable car and then tobogganing which was great fun. We had lunch by a lake and also saw some beautiful waterfalls – the water was freezing!!

We visited a chocolate and cheese factory on our third day. The chocolate was nice but the cheese smelled funny so we didn’t stay too long there.

My favourite day was when we visited Bern. We took part in a rafting activity which included 16km of rafting. We got to swim aswell.

We spent one day completing a high walk. We set off from camp at 1200m and climbed. We saw a glacier and also had ice cream. We walked about 20km on this day and all slept well that night.

Sleeping outside was fun but a bit noisy – there were cow bells and a train line near us.

On our last day, we had our first non-sunny morning. The clouds were in our camp site because we were so high up. We did a high rope course on this day.

On our last evening we took part in the international camp fire which was amazing. We all sang songs from our home countries and there were scouts from Germany, Spain and Canada there with us.

We packed up and got ready for our journey home – muddy and tired but armed with amazing memories of our experience.

Write up by BM Aged 11

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